HBO’s Comedy Fetish may scratch your itch

My colleague Mark Dolliver, perhaps the least weird person imaginable, christened HBO's campaign "truly weird" over at What's really weird is how genuinely amusing the spots by Venables Bell & Partners turned out, given the potential for disaster inherent in mixing elements from cut-rate cable-TV commercials, porn come-ons (it's only a pun if you think it is) and Chiller Theater-type programs. It probably works because the cues are immediately (almost subliminally) familiar to generations of comedy fans, so combining them to promote a site that houses humor clips feels perfectly natural. In others words: If you get the campaign, there's a strong chance you'll also enjoy the programming it promotes. Personally, I found the host's passing resemblance to Kenny "Footloose" Loggins circa 1981 exceptionally weird. His sidekick was just annoying. With her phony Euro-accent, slinky get-up and litany of faux-fetishes, she seems more like a representative of the PR industry than a sexcapades mansion.

—Posted by David Gianatasio