HBO’s surreal Larry David ads

Larry2The new season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres this Sunday, and the print campaign for it couldn’t be more disturbing. The ads show a crowd of people, men and women, all with Larry David’s head bearing the same impassive expression. The image is reminiscent of another creepy scene from a few years back—the one in Being John Malkovich where Malkovich enters his head and confronts a world populated by multiple Malkoviches. (That bizarre visual prompted one freaked-out movie reviewer to write, “There are voluptuous women with stuck-on Malkovich heads, young men with Malkovich heads, old men, hell, there’s even a dwarf. Is it the ultimate existential nightmare? Is it a telling indictment of celebrity culture? Or is it just a funny scene with some neat computer-generated visuals?”) Here we’re asked to identify with Larry via the tagline, “Deep inside you know you’re him.” And while we might
argue with that—we’ve never screamed at a guy in a
wheelchair for his poor driving skills, for example—you have to admit
the image is pretty striking.

—Posted by Tim Nudd