Haunted Connecticut Ad Agency Has In-House Ghost Writing Its Twitter Posts

A feed that shows 'real' spirit

Plenty of ad agencies have skeletons in their closet, but Keiler apparently has a ghost haunting the attic of its early 18th century Connecticut farmhouse offices. Naturally, they've put the snarky specter in charge of the Farmington shop's first official Twitter account. (That's scary and difficult to believe—not the ghost part, but the fact that they waited until now to try Twitter!) The ghost could be a sea captain, tavern owner or wheelwright—no one's really sure—but staffers have heard mysterious footsteps and slamming doors around the place for years, especially after hours, so they decided to incorporate the lore into @KeilerGhost. (Besides, social media's largely about transparency, so having an actual ghost writer makes sense. And lots of agency feeds read like they're written by dead people, so this one should fit right in.) Some examples of the phantom's wit: "I've seen a lot of advertising trends come and go in 200 years. But this stock photography thing has got to stop." "Like bad media placements, ghosts generally appear when nobody's looking." "I'm a friendly ghost until I have to sit through an ad just to watch a YouTube video." Hmmm, might be time to give up the ghost. Sorry, that was mean-spirited. Boo! Via MediaPost.