Hasselhoff is downright happy to be mocked

Hoff statue

Comedy Central has some pretty enjoyable promos running for the network’s “Roast of David Hasselhoff,” which was recorded last night and airs Aug. 15. (The photo above is of a truly disturbing tribute statue seen outside the roast yesterday.) He’s obviously going to take the whole thing in good humor, as you can tell in the spot below and three more after the jump. But isn’t the idea of a roast usually to turn the tables on a comedian who’s known for making others the butt of jokes? Seems a bit strange to take a B-list celebrity who’s already the subject of ridicule and then grill him relentlessly in person. Plus, if we know he’ll just roll with it, where’s the excitement in that? Comedy Central needs to man up and put Mel Gibson on the stage with 10 snarky comedians, a bottle of rye and a broken axe handle. Now that I would watch.

The Roast of David HasselhoffSunday, August 15
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