Halloween costumes for your inner loser

Arcade Looking for a Halloween costume? Were you considering Pac-Man, until you realized other people would mistake you for a giant Nerf ball? If so, you’re a hopeless nerd, which means this arcade console costume is right up your alley. The product description assures customers, “You’ll get a lot of work out of this joystick.” Which is code for, “You’ll be stuck in one-player mode at the end of the night.” Similar veiled contempt for geeky clientele comes from this Swiss Army Knife-type costume, whose name—Euratool—reveals how its designers feel about anyone who would wear it. And if your intent this Hallow’s Eve is to intentionally scare people, you can’t go wrong with the Courtney Love wedding costume, or whatever that thing is. I’d speculate, but I think instead I’ll gouge my eyes out with whatever’s at hand.

—Posted by David Kiefaber