Hal Riney ecd feels Olympic skier’s pain

SkisExecutive creative director Jae Goodman watched Daron Rahlves’ disappointing 10th place men’s downhill run with particular sympathy. The Walnut Creek, Calif., native is among the Olympic athletes who appear in Publicis & Hal Riney’s new ads for 24 Hour Fitness centers. In Rahlves spot, he’s in a hospital waiting room following up on a "lazy bone" removal surgery. And indeed, there’s nothing remotely torpid in Rahlves’ 1:50.33 run, Goodman says, just a second and half off the winning pace. "On any given day, these athletes are so finely tuned and capable, even a guy with his potential can’t pull it off every time." Goodman knows the athlete and the sport: He skied for UCLA (in perpetual 72 degrees and sunny, comparably challenged to a University of Maine surfing team) and worked for Warren Miller just out of college. For his part, Rahlves has two more shots, in the Super G on Saturday and the grand slalom next Monday, when the same split-second differences could work in his favor.

—Posted by Gregory Solman