Hair-removal brand enjoys George W.’s exit


Not many companies can legitimately use the headline "Goodbye Bush" this week and have it refer to both the outgoing American president and their own product. Hair-removal brands are among the lucky few who can. Veet, maker of hair-removing waxes and creams, finds itself on the right side of history with this simple ad from Euro RSCG Australia, running today in Australia's Sydney Daily Telegraph. See the actual placement here, which benefits from a big photo of Obama up top. (As a side note, Australia is actually getting pretty good at ads that refer obliquely to women's anatomy, having also enjoyed—or not—Kotex's notorious beaver tampon ad.) When it comes to Bush removal, we're now just waiting to hear from the landscaping companies. UPDATE: A commenter points out that Playboy TV has a whole big "No More Bush" thing going on this month.

—Posted by Tim Nudd