Häagen-Dazs Fills Its Instagram With Great Wimbledon Pics of Fans, Not Players

Ice cream makes a cameo in the sweet series, too

What do tennis and ice cream have in common? They're both irresistibly exciting, according to a new Wimbledon campaign from Häagen-Dazs, featuring crowd reactions from the stands of the annual London tennis tournament that's now in its second week. 

Grey London hired fashion photographer Adam Katz Sinding, known for his streetside style portraits, to capture the highs and lows of courtside fans for the ice cream brand's Instagram. His crisp, vibrant shots of attendees range from unbridled joy to awe, horror, anticipation and suspense.

There are plenty of dropped jaws and scrunched-up faces, not to mention the occasional obligatory nail-biter. Naturally, beautiful people enjoying ice cream bars are mixed in as well.

Titled "Lose Yourself," it's a light, simple idea celebrating the ice cream marketer's new five-year sponsorship of Wimbledon. 

The campaign is most notable for its execution. Sinding's snapshots are fun to look at and brimming with personality, even when they're not necessarily flattering, and even if they're a little thin on the diversity scale. More subtly, it's also a clever partnership—anyone who's eating a lot of Häagen-Dazs will probably want to run around a fair amount, too. 

There are worse ways to stay in shape than playing tennis, and worse rewards after a hot summer workout than a block of frozen milk and sugar. 

More pics below. 

Client: Häagen-Dazs
Project Title: “Lose Yourself”
Business Units: Grey London, GreyPOSSIBLE, Grey Shopper, GreyWorks
Client: General Mills
Marketing Director, General Mills North Europe: Richard Williams
Marketing Manager Häagen-Dazs Northern Europe: Arjoon Bose
Senior Brand Manager Häagen-Dazs U.K.: Nicole Whelan
Executive Creative Director: Ben Clapp
Copywriters: Greg Ormrod, Sadie Majer
Art Directors: Simon Helm, Thomas Worthington
Account Team: Tamara Bennett, Rachel O'Shea, Michelle Simons
Content Team: Alex Wrigley, Emma Nabridnyi, Laura Gaponenko
Creative Producer: Gemma Hose
Digital Project Manager: Laura Pillings
Planners: Cristina Tazza, Andy Hyland, Matt Tanter
Designers: Matteo Alabiso, John-Patrick Racle, Kit Suman
Retouching: Studio RM
Photography: Adam Katz Sinding
Photographic Assistants: Sean O'Neill, Joe Harper
Media Agency: Mindshare (Lenka Trebichalska, Esther Suquet)
Experiential Agency: BEcause Experiential Marketing
Experiential Business Director: Anna Bradshaw
Grey Shoppers: Rob Sellers, Jonathan Hatton, Jason Cope, Sadie Majer, Sunir Patel