At gun shows, the terrorists always win


Modernista!’s new Stop Handgun Violence billboard throws a spotlight on the legal loophole that permits the sale of firearms at gun shows without IDs or criminal background checks. The ad’s message is clear: "We sell guns! No ID required. No background checks. Criminals and terrorists welcome!" (See a larger image here.) The billboard, on the Mass Pike near Boston’s Fenway Park, is huge—the nation’s largest, supposedly, so none is likely to miss the point. Great. Now, all the criminals and terrorists will know where to go for guns. And, as shocking as it might sound, I’ve got enemies. Harry and Louise, for example—and they’re gun nuts. Or was that Thelma and Louise? Plus, SHV’s last big billboard brought out lots of vitriol here on AdFreak. Thanks a lot, Modernista. (I left the exclamation point off on purpose. I’m just not feeling it, OK?)

—Posted by David Gianatasio