Guinness celebrates New Year’s Eve in style

Guinness had an eventful New Year's Eve, broadcasting this commercial live in Ireland to wrap up the yearlong celebration of its 250th anniversary. The ad can only be described as explosively classy—the traditional Irish shtick is replaced by an impressive fireworks display that does to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin what Guy Fawkes had in mind for Parliament. The spot was supposed to air at 17:59 local time—a reference to the year 1759, when, on New Year's Eve, Arthur Guinness famously signed the brewery's 9,000-year lease at Dublin's St James' Gate. But it was delayed three hours due to high winds. (Those winds are still in evidence in the spot, as the fireworks drift noticeably to the left, but that adversity just makes the whole thing even more impressive.) And just think, this is only the stoutmaker's 250th birthday. God only knows what they'll do for their 9,000th.

—Posted by David Kiefaber