Guess who tops this list of worst pop songs

Here’s Bill Lamb’s list of this year’s 10 most annoying pop songs. As expected, Paris Hilton tops the list; Lamb rightly points out that “Stars Are Blind” was a hit only because it managed to surpass dismal expectations. His choice for No. 5, some Blue October song, is notable for him asking, “Why oh why should clinical self-loathing be trotted out as 3-minute pop song soap opera?”—a question that is better directed elsewhere. But really, the list is pedantic and obvious. I would have simply listed any 10 Christmas songs, except “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” the Ventures’ cover of “Sleigh Bells” and Eric Cartman doing “O Holy Night.” The others play continuously, every year, from the beginning of November to the end of January, and the repetition of that forced exuberance is worse than any new genre of mainstream rap (which makes up the majority of Lamb’s list). Ho-ho-holy shit, do I hate this season.

—Posted by David Kiefaber