Grey’s Subliminals win Battle of the Bands

It isn’t new business or a creative award, but Grey has won something for a change: the Fluid Battle of the Ad Bands IV. Its band, The Subliminals, beat six other competitors: The Igniters (Brushfire), The Music Department (The Vidal Partnership), TBD (Kirshenbaum Bond), Macho Grande (Foote Cone & Belding), Crankdaddy (MRA) and Space Shuttle Ants (Mullen). The Grey kids play a mix of funk, rock and soul; they have a trombone, drums, two guitars, keyboards, plus a bunch of vocalists. On Wednesday night, they played “Moondance” by Van Morrison, in a big-band jazz arrangement; “Hard to Handle” by Otis Redding, in a Black Crowes style; and “The Weight” by the Band, in gospel-soul version. “That’s where it really paid off to have such wonderful vocalists,” says trombonist Josh Rabinowitz.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Photo: Tear-n Tan