Google execs searching for a bonus

Googlelogo_2 What does it take to get a bonus, for Pete’s sake? You’d think a $1.7 billion IPO, your company becoming a verb, and $3.2 billion in sales would be enough. Apparently not enough for the Google boys. Google’s leadership trinity—Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt—didn’t get bonuses in 2004, according to new financial filings. Larry and Sergey took home $150,000 in salary, while Schmidt got $250,000. However, Google’s board decided not to give the brass fat bonuses, like the $7.2 million given to Disney’s Michael Eisner. Before you feel too sorry for the guys at the top of Googleplex, remember this: The IPO made Larry and Sergey worth over $7.5 billion and Schmidt nearly $3 billion, and they get free lunches from the cafeteria. Oh, the execs did qualify for a “holiday bonus” of $1,566 given to every Googler. Every little bit helps.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey