Goodbye, sunny Malibu

Malibu1After 700 film and TV shoots a year, Malibu has had it. Reuters reports that the Malibu City Council “gave initial approval to regulations that would ban late night and early morning filming and limit production companies to 16 days at one location.” These regulations followed complaints by Malibu residents about noise, the disruptive use of helicopters, bullhorns, and production trucks, “and the practice of covering up traffic signs to mask locations.” Film production companies have, of course, objected to the proposals. The paradox, explains industry worker Don Mann, “is that many Malibuites made their fortunes in film. Now they’re saying ‘I made my money. You guys go do your shooting elsewhere.’" That may be so, but their complaints have plenty of merit. Covering up traffic signs is rather dangerous, and college has taught me just how disruptive bullhorns can be in the wrong hands. But nonetheless, these regulations do raise a few questions. Like, for instance, what the hell is a Malibuite?

—Posted by David Kiefaber