Golden arches, meet GoldenPalace

Lincolnfry_3Grease just met sleaze in the form of the … Lincoln Fry.

As you may know the Lincoln Fry—purported to look like Abe Lincoln—was the centerpiece of a McDonald’s viral marketing effort that also included ads on the not-so-viral Super Bowl. Anyway, McDonald’s put the Lincoln Fry up for auction on Yahoo!, and it was bought by the classy folks at, the online casino, which, in recent weeks also bought the advertising rights to Shaune Bagwell’s chest (she’s the ex-wife of Jeff Bagwell).

The price? $75,100, according to this story on The money is slated to go to Ronald McDonald House charities, which is great. But we can’t help but wonder if a bizarre corporate connection to a company that proudly states on its home page that it has advertised on a pregnant woman’s belly was what McDonald’s had in mind.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor