Go to Wendy’s tonight, you scavengers

Raccoons_2 It’s hard to argue with this Wendy’s headline. For many species, it is good to be nocturnal, as it reduces the risk of oneself or one’s offspring being eaten by predators. For Wendy’s human customers, being nocturnal has its own benefits—it gives you an excuse to sleep all day and eat all the crispy chicken sandwiches you want at night, as they float temptingly in the night sky. Comparing your customer to the raccoon, a well-known scavenger, may be a questionable ploy, though raccoons certainly wouldn’t pass up a dumpster full of Wendy’s leftovers at 4 a.m. Having the one raccoon point and drool is a nice touch also. Photo by skonen_blades.

—Posted by Tim Nudd