Girlicious ain’t fit for a catchphrase, Blayne

Blayne Project Runway has started up again, and in the very first episode, the very orange Blayne stole the show by trying to create his own catch phrase: “girlicious.” Blayne, we all know you want to be as fierce as Christian, but it’s so not working. Trying to come up with a successful catch phrase is hard enough for advertising professionals. If you get one famous tagline in a lifetime, Blayne, you’re lucky. You can’t just go on and say any old crap over and over again until it sticks. It’s not even original, girl, so just get out! Copywriting is waaaay more complicated that that. You have to know how to write like people talk and exactly how to spell your portmanteau. It’s a carefully honed skill where you know that strappleberry is inherently better than applestraw or strawple or apstrable or strizzapple. You don’t see us copywriters up there on Project Runway, making dresses out of jump-rope with what looks like a diaper attached to the front, do you? I don’t think so!

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers