Gillette razor doesn’t levitate hair after all

Gillette_m3p1Say it ain’t so! For those of us who found great hope in the ads showing the battery-powered Gillette M3Power razor lifting hair up and away from the skin, we have been deceived, AdFreak is sorry to report. It appears Gillette slammed with a lawsuit by competitor Schick, has been asked to cease and desist in this claim, after it was found to be “unsubstantiated and inaccurate.” The TV ads showed a computer-generated image of the vibrating razor lifting hair up, so that the resulting shave would be closer than ever. The courts called this, to paraphrase, bogus. Gillette said the image “was never meant to be taken literally.” Huh? What were we supposed to think, then? Oh, well. Toss the M3Power Razor in to the pile with their equally ineffective hair-removing cousins, the Venus, the Intuition, Neet.

—Posted by Celeste Ward