Get these people some new handlers!

NycoverHey, marketing communications mogul, it’s time to look back into the possibilities of investing in a celebrity PR outfit, like maybe Leslee Dart’s new firm. We were thinking this just a bit in relation to Tom Cruise’s transformation from Hollywood heartthrob to couch-jumping psychiatry expert, which must be a cautionary tale for any image-conscious celeb. But then we read this week’s New York magazine, which, in its cover story, “Celebrity Psychos: The Summer They All Went Mad,” helpfully aggregated all of the wacky celebrity antics of the last few months into one full-service eight-page feature—and this was before Jude Law admitted to taking up with the nanny. Do these people ever need help. Not just Tom and Katie, but Russell Crowe, Christian Slater, Dave Chappelle … To us, the two best parts of the story were the reference to Katie Holmes as “The Manchurian Fiancee” and this observation by a British (natch) paparazzo on how his business now even extends to Croatia: “A few years ago, they’re slaughtering each other, and now they’re buying pictures of Britney Spears’ crotch.”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor