Into German guys? Second Life is for you.

When marketers rush into Second Life, some who are busy in First Life are left to wonder: Who exactly is spending time there? Joe Jaffe, for sure. But as Valleywag has pointed out, SL’s “residents” numbers can be misleading. ComScore did an analysis that suggests Second Life is not as big as it might seem. It found that 1.3 million users logged onto Second Life in March—a healthy number, though well below the 6 million the site claims. But who are these people? Many are German men, apparently. An unsurprising healthy majority (61 percent) were dudes. And Germans already comprise 16 percent of Second Lifers (more than all of Asia), with a 70 percent user growth from the start of year, well above the overall 46 percent growth rate. Maybe the virtual land grab is on—the Brazilians have Orkut, the Germans are setting up shop in Second Life, and the Japanese are certainly taking to Twitter, judging by a few minutes on Twittervision.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey