Geisha guys give women, uh, lip service

Lipstick1_2I wonder what the Maxim Rangers think of Asia’s Lipstick Lads? The Rangers, the creation of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky for Maxim magazine, scour the virtual landscape in search of cases of "mantropy," a disease affecting men with too many metrosexual qualities (rollerblading, enjoying seaweed wraps, wearing lightly tinted sun glasses, etc). The Lipstick Lads, described in a May 27 Wall Street Journal article of the same title, represent a new breed of placating, solicitous geisha guy that has been embraced by marketers to sell beauty products to women in Asia. (Unfortunately, you can only read the full story if you have a sub. Click the search link here and type in the word  ‘lipstick.’ The bonus, though, is you’ll get to see a truly creepy ad.) The Journal cites marketers such as Missha Lipstick, The Face Shop and even Procter & Gamble’s Vidal Sassoon shampoo line as among those who have picked up on the trend. The ads generally portray geisha guys as being at the beck and call of dominant women, making repeated deliveries of the desired cosmetics, even applying the lipstick in one spot. According to the Journal, "the conservative, macho male stereotypes that have long dominated society in countries like Japan and South Korea are falling out of fashion."  I don’t know Rangers, sounds like  a critical situation to me. Or maybe you think the situation is beyond hope.

—Posted by Steve McClellan