Geico’s gecko is still seeking YouTube glory

Geico's gecko breaks out the moves next to Judson Laipply in this remix of Laipply's incomprehensibly popular "Evolution of Dance" video (famous for being YouTube's most-watched clip ever, with 127 million views). The little green freak—the gecko, not Laipply—has crashed a number of these popular YouTube videos, though this is the first new one in several months. He did score more than 2.2 million views for his earlier appearance with the Numa Numa guy singing "Somebody's Watching Me." That made more sense, as the song is featured in Geico's Kash spots. In "Evolution," the gecko is more distracting than anything else. Still, his comedy stylings beat those of Saturday Night Live's newest recruit, Jenny Slate. The classy gecko, as always, works green, not blue.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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