Geico’s cavemen find more time for tennis

Like all actors from canceled sitcoms, Geico's cavemen have quietly retreated to commercials. One new spot shows our hirsute hero, who rather resembles Björn Borg circa 1980, playing a tennis match against all-time great Billie Jean King. Not since King trounced Bobby Riggs 35 years ago in the pop-culture watershed “Battle of the Sexes” has she faced an opponent with such intense sideburns. In another ad breaking this week, the prehistoric pitchman tries to relax on a beach with model Lauren Hastings—to no avail. Seven of the 13 episodes produced for ABC’s Cavemen series never aired. Unfortunately, both of these ads from The Martin Agency will probably air for some time. Hey, I’m a gecko fan—no apologies!

—Posted by David Gianatasio