Gates not feeling the love from Apple’s ads

Leave it to Apple’s ad campaign to be the most contentious issue between Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates during their chat at the All Things Digital Conference in Carlsbad, Calif., last night. As one report describes it: “Although there were no arguments between the two men, there was an awkward moment when Jobs was asked about Apple’s amusing ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ commercials. Jobs said the ‘PC guy is great’ and that the ‘commercials are not meant to be mean. It’s for the guys to like each other. The PC guy is what makes it all work.’ Gates just scratched his head with an incredulous look on his face.” (According to a transcript, Gates then said, somewhat cryptically, “PC guy’s mother loves him.”) So it’s official. Even Steve Jobs likes John Hodgman better. The Wall Street Journal, which hosted the conference, has posted free video of Jobs’s and Gates’s conversation. As you can see, neither wore an “I’m with stupid” T-shirt.

—Posted by Tim Nudd