Gap stepping in time to the music

GapGap’s new interactive Web site might be a bit lame, but frankly, its upcoming ad campaign sounds cool. Called “Favorites,” it will star musicians like Alanis Morissette, Joss Stone, John Legend, Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child), Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, Liz Phair and Brandon Boyd (Incubus) performing original remakes of their favorite songs. (Boyd, for example, will do “Alison,” by Elvis Costello.) There’s something about well-known musicians doing other people’s songs that’s compelling in a basic way. (Could they have gotten Will Ferrell to reprise his Neil Diamond character?) Also, from Aug. 8-31, each customer who tries on any pair of Gap jeans will receive one free iTunes download. As if that dressing-room area weren’t chaotic enough.

—Posted by Tim Nudd