Fruit of the Loom guys refine their fruit rock


Fruit of the Loom's, uh, fruits have been central to the brand since the 1980s, and they're still going strong, treating us to their comedic talents and formidable wuss-rock stylings in musical spots like the new one below, titled "Comfortably" (from The Richards Group in Dallas). Oddly, they're not dressed very comfortably for the exotic locations in the ad. I imagine the Apple must chafe like the dickens in the desert heat. Anyway, there's no denying these underwear mascots have gained plenty of momentum over the past few years. There's even a Web site, The Fruit Guys, with character bios (sadly, they neglect to mention that F. Murray Abraham once played the Grapes) and MP3s of their numerous jingles and songs. That might be pushing it a bit. But with Hanes and its star power, and every other underwear company flaunting their hot girls, the Fruit Guys are keeping up just fine.