The Freak preps for Advertising Week

Freak2You may ask yourself, why is the AdFreak in the banner at the top of the page wearing a bunch of fruit on his head? Well, in case you are pathologically unaware, you know this is Advertising Week in New York, so we decided to dress our mascot up a bit, like, say, Ellen DeGeneres doing wardrobe changes at the Emmys. He’ll don a variety of ad-icon costumes throughout the week (and trust us, clothing him was difficult, as he has no body). Meanwhile, amid our usual postings, we’ll be sprinkling in some items about Advertising Week, including reports from the bacchanal at the United Nations, the parade of ad icons and, God help us, the seminar focused on the FCC and branded entertainment. Thanks to Carly Tushingham, as always, for dressing the Freak.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor