Fox Plans a Giant ‘Simpsons’ Birthday Party

20th copy

Hard to believe The Simpsons is still going after 20 years. Fox has decided to celebrate the show that bucked the odds and remained on the air (despite losing its relevance) in a yearlong 20th-anniversary Simpsons-fest wittily dubbed "Best. 20 Years. Ever." To kick things off, fans are invited to submit their designs for a poster contest. The deadline is March 4, and the winner gets a trip to L.A. to attend a Simpsons party and tickets to The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood (which you can enjoy virtually on the ride's own Web site). Simpsons maniacs can expect more fan-based contests as the year goes on, as well as some special guest stars. For example, in an apparent nod to how the show has traded much of its cultural commentary for a more MacFarlane-esque brand of humor in the wake of Family Guy's popularity, Seth Rogan himself—the poster child for man-children everywhere—has written an episode to which he'll lend his voice (actually, the premise for the episode does sound kinda awesome). I predict the ad saturation will be so bad that by the end of the year, I'll want to scrub my eyes out anytime I see that unmistakable Simpsons yellow. Via Underwire.