Forget MTV, I want my!

Brennan, the online affiliate of the Boston Globe, has hired “award-winning recording artist Jake Brennan” (who?) to compose an original song and video based on each day’s headlines. The sample ditty references the Big Dig construction debacle and contains the lyrics, “Thirty Big Digs, gonna dig, big, another Big Dig/You can dig your whole life but you never find peace.” That’s deep. Given the subject, the tune is actually kind of catchy—about on par with what you’d expect on Dr Pepper Band in a Bubble. As I write this, the top headline is “Feds: Danvers Factory Didn’t Follow Rules,” so I’m betting on techno for tomorrow. From the (non-musical) story pitch: “The interactive program gives users and Globe readers a new way to interpret and experience daily news and provides with a new type of multimedia vehicle to communicate with its readers.” Local band Aerosmith put it best: “Dream on.”

—Posted by David Gianatasio