Float this notion: celebrity-like ducks

Yaoming_duckJust when it seemed there was nothing creative left to give this holiday season, in waddle CelebriDucks. Actually—because they don’t have feet, webbed or otherwise—"waddling" would be something of an issue for these rubbery bathtub buddies. But they do float, and they squeak, and they definitely add that certain je ne sais quoi to one’s regular hygiene ritual. Touted as "events worth bathing for" on Web sites such as Yahoo! and Google, the just-duckie shower fowl are designed to resemble everyone from NBA stars such as the Los Angeles Lakers’ bad boy Kobe Bryant and Houston Rocket Yao Ming to playwright (and, apparently, original mullet-sporter) William Shakespeare to Moses—scriptures in hand. And that’s the only real flap a lucky receiver might have with these Ernie-worthy feathered flocks: their hands. AdFreak can’t help but wonder why our Gene Simmons duck (complete with extra-long, beak-protruding tongue) has arms instead of wings. Better to fend off all the holiday-season party-goers who prefer pate to powder-room playthings?

—Posted by Randi Schmelzer