The flip side of Pepsi’s ‘Dear Mr. President’

Is Pepsi's "Dear Mr. President" YouTube campaign simply a refreshed version of the "Farewell Mr. President" YouTube series from last year? Greg Olliver, the currently pissed-off creator of the latter, thinks so. He just came across the Pepsi effort by R/GA, which encourages citizens to film little love notes to President Obama. In his earlier campaign, Olliver filmed citizens offering little non-love notes to President Bush. "From the way Pepsi's videos are shot, the editing, the 'Dear Mr. President' opening, to the ENTIRE CONCEPT … it appears to be a complete rip-off of my idea," Olliver tells us. Possibly so. Whatever the case, it's a pleasant reminder that America didn't just welcome a new president today—it got rid of an old one.

—Posted by Tim Nudd