FirstBank bringing its lovely lobby outdoors


"Enjoy the bank lobby, even if you bank online." That's the headline on a bunch of new FirstBank billboards from TDA Advertising & Design that feature actual lobby items—a wood-paneled desk and chair, a potted plant, velvet waiting-line ropes—suspended high above the streets of Denver and Boulder, Colo. Thanks for the effort, FirstBank, but nobody enjoys bank lobbies anywhere—or misses their faux-friendly charms. Having said that, we do have that homeless man sitting atop a billboard in Texas in an effort to get his own home. He should move to these Colorado billboards! They're much more livable. The desk one is basically an entire home office. But seriously, it is an ironic and sobering juxtaposition. And if the economic "recovery" continues without gains in salaries and jobs, a whole lot more of us could wind up ad-sitting soon.

—Posted by David Gianatasio