First quarter

timnudd: well, the eagles are starting with the football. i guess that’s a good sign, since they’re the underdogs
cpealet: I think New England is just getting greedy now. they won the Super Bowl and the World Series. that beleaguered Boston sports fan just has no karma anymore.
Cibacpealet: ew. I’m watching this O2optix ad where everyone is walking around in the big spheres. Looked like some wacky kind of foreplay.
cpealet: Is there some rule that to be an NFL referee you have to have a southern accent?
timnudd: i have to say, as long as it remains 0-0, it’ll be a great game
cpealet: is that little arrow graphic that says "1st and 10"— is that new?
timnudd: i think that’s new this year. they won’t be happy until the whole screen is full of graphics
cpealet: we’re getting close.
cpealet: oh here’s P. Diddy for Diet Pepsi
cpealet: that was the best ad so far.
cpealet: uh, oh, is this year’s ad theme groovin’ old people? First we had the old people in the Diet Pepsi truck. Then we have the old people gettin’ down with their old selves for the Olympus mRobe. or whatever it’s called.
timnudd: that’s never a good sign
timnudd: i enjoyed the bud light skydiving ad
timnudd: reliable stupid beer drinkers
cpealet: yeah. really stupid. but funny stupid.
cpealet: ick. here’s Burt Reynolds for FedEx Kinko’s. I just think of him in Boogie Nights every time.
timnudd: that FedEx commercial was really poor
cpealet: I’m sorry, but Burt Reynolds gives me the creeps.
cpealet: so here’s the input from the men in the house on the P. Diddy ad. "Diet Pepsi: the drink for idiots who are slaves to fashion and will do anything P. Diddy does."
Godaddycpealet: so I’m trying to do the math here. How is it the godaddy spot is on the big game where the "wardrobe malfunction" Bud spot is not?
cpealet: Like is a spot with just a bustier somehow less racy than one that has a tight-fitting shirt AND boobs?
timnudd: i think anything mentioning janet is out of bounds
timnudd: i wonder where she’s watching the game
cpealet: she’s in Jacksonville. I heard that somewhere. I’m not kidding.
cpealet: Once again, I’m watching too many of those syndicated entertainment shows.
timnudd: you love that pat o’brien
cpealet: oh no. did I just see Burt Reynolds again? For the remake of The Longest Yard?
timnudd: no more burt, god willing
timnudd: we have to talk about the lincoln fry
cpealet: yeah, really. It makes me feel almost clairvoyant to have realized the lincoln fry blog was a set up for Mickey D’s.
cpealet: Or then it makes me think I’ve been paying attention to this stuff for way too long.
timnudd: so the first quarter is almost over – what’s your call?
cpealet: the game. definitely the game.
timnudd: i think so too
cpealet: no score. Terrell Owens and the hyperbaric chamber, and a guy for the Eagles who spent a few minutes with a piece of turf stuck in his helmet. what more could you want?
cpealet: I meant no contest.
timnudd: yeah. the game is a mess, but it’s fun
Visacpealet: As for the ads. Visa with the superheroes? Entirely predictable. Bud Light dependably funny. Same with Diet Pepsi.
timnudd: mcdonald’s is trying to be too cool with the blog thing
cpealet: I’m very curious to see how that plays out. There may be a lot of people out there who think they’ve been had for believing in the Lincoln Fry. Is nothing sacred? And three disturbing ad trends have already surfaced. Oldster hipsters, Burt Reynolds and gratuitous use of chimps.