A First Date Proves to Be So Much More in This Touching Video for a Charity

A less funny take on '50 First Dates'

First dates can be awkward, but this night-out scenario, created by agency DLV BBDO Milan for a charity in Portugal, might just leave you in tears.

In a darkened restaurant, with a folksy version of "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" playing softly, a woman tells her male dinner companion all about her life. "My house is just two blocks away," she says casually. "I live there with my two cats, and Bat, the dog." 

She continues, "He's called that because he's all black with pointy ears … Oh, and I'm a good dancer. When I was younger, I used to spend all my time dancing in my room on tiptoes. Shall we dance?"

Watch the minute-long clip below before reading further:

"We think this is a campaign addressed to everyone, because everyone has a father, or a colleague, or an uncle, and this story speaks to the relationship they have with them," and how such connections can be changed by Alzeheimer's, BBDO creative director Pasquale Frezza tells AdFreak.

Indeed, the father-daughter reveal packs a punch—especially when you consider this scenario plays out all the time, with the woman repeatedly having to remind her dad about the details of her life. Freeza says he and his creative partner Luca Iannucci were "intensely" affected while developing the concept for Alzheimer Portugal. They hope viewers will be similarly moved.

Naturally, the twist's impact is diminished with repeat viewings, but that doesn't worry Frezza. "We hope that people will donate, and share the video, on the first view," he says.
Agency: DLV BBDO Milan
Creative Directors: Pasquale Frezza, Luca Iannucci
Executive Creative Directors: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
Director: Alessio Fava
Dop: Alessandro Dominici
Producers: Andrea Vavassori, Martina Kirkham
Production: Riot
Client: Tatiana Nunes, Alzheimer Portugal
Director assistant: Carlo Febbraro
Set design: Amos Caparrotta
Stylist: Rosanna Bevilacqua
Styling: Luisa Beccaria, La prealpina, Almacen
Actors: Giancarlo Previati – Sophie Spreadbury
Location: Anticamera Location
Post production: Riot
Editing: Massimo Magnetti
Sound design & re-recording mixer: Matteo Milani
Color grading and online: Andrea Vavassori
Music: Massimo Giordani, Antonella Zappietro – Edizioni Curci
"Have You Ever Seen The Rain" performed by Bettes (Written by John Fogerty)