First ad finally rolls out for ‘Starcraft’ sequel


Longtime video-game buffs got a nice surprise during last night's NBA Finals: the debut of the first ad for Starcraft II, a sequel 12 long years in the making. As you can see below, it's short but slick, even if you don't actually get to see any gameplay. For those of you who weren't surgically attached to a PC in 1998, Starcraft is one of the best-loved sci-fi strategy games of all time. But in the years since, game studio Blizzard has been a bit preoccupied with a small side project called World of Warcraft. The Starcraft sequel was finally announced in May 2007, only to languish in development delays for another three years. Starcraft II even earned the dubious distinction of being No. 1 on Wired magazine's Vaporware List for 2009. But now fans can finally unclench their space sphincters, watch the ad in all its 30 seconds of glory and get ready to start Zerg-rushing their friends back into the late 1990s. Via The Escapist.

—Posted by David Griner