Finlandia Creates Epic World ‘Where Cheese Reigns’ and Oddballs Abound

Barton F. Graf campaign gets painterly

Finlandia cheese may come from Finland, but its new ad campaign from Barton F. Graf 9000 takes a detour through Flanders with its comical paintings of a land "where cheese reigns" and some strange cheese-obsessed characters reside. There's the Cheese Dunce, the Cheese Masochist, the Flavor Caretaker and the Flavor Philosopher—all of whom will be coming to out-of-home executions near you. The accompanying radio work—which has probably the most amusing sound effects of any campaign this year, introduces the Cheese Gladiatior, the Cheese Rogue, the Cheese Thief and the Cheese Watchman. Bold flavors, indeed. The illustrations were done by Dan Craig, who's been drawn for years to the work of the 15th century Flemish masters. More work after the jump.

—Radio spots

Client: Finlandia Cheese
Campaign: "Where Cheese Reigns"
Agency: Barton F. Graf 9000
Illustrator: Dan Craig
Photographer: Jamie Chung
Typography/Crest: Jordan Metcalf
Retoucher: Box Graphics
Record/Mix: Heard City
Media: MediaWorx