Finally, There’s a Unisex Fragrance for Overworked and Underappreciated Ad Creatives

It's called, of course, Validation

Hang onto your noses, ladies and gents. A couple of geniuses have finally created what the advertising industry didn’t know it was missing all these years—a unisex perfume called Validation.

Whether it’s to boost your confidence for a hard day at the office, or mask the stench of the bullshit you’re forced to endlessly peddle, the fragrance is a boon for anyone desperate to receive a little recognition while working themselves to the bone in the thankless attention economy.

A mix of citrus and oud wood notes, it’s a real product, and the brainchild of Hassan S. Ali, creative marketing director at The Onion and editor of humor publication Slackjaw, and Johnross Post, a senior art director at FCB Chicago.

It’s not just for ad drones, though. Beat-down workers from across the creative and tech industries can all benefit from the lingering scent of being worth something.

Get yours, naturally, at

A promotional video for the perfume features fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, and plays on the inscrutable nature of most fragrance marketing—with beautiful, half-assed irreverence. She babbles and giggles in an awkwardly cut sequence, before on-screen copy disclaims, too fast to actually read, “This is an ad for the fragrance Validation. It makes no sense.” An owl twitches on the shoulder of a model, before turning to stare purposefully at the camera.

The ad is brief, over almost as it has begun, just like the relevance of the people who are meant to wear the fragrance (if they’re lucky enough to ever achieve any relevance at all).

A print campaign also features Gregg, as well as video blogger Joe Hanson of the YouTube series Joe Goes. A post from Ali on Medium features more backstory on how the idea came to life. But suffice it to say, everyone can be grateful it did—at least until clouds of the stuff devour all of New York and San Francisco.

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