Finally, a car ad that intellectuals can love

As a history buff with a tragically underused Religious Studies minor, I was nerdishly stoked about seeing the statue of Jan Hus on my recent trip to Prague. Hus was a theologian who took on the Catholic Church a century before Martin Luther. Strangely, I found the statue surrounded by a large screen that’s basically just an advertisement for Czech automaker Skoda. Turns out the statue is undergoing renovation, which is being financed by Skoda’s ad. The screen is semi-transparent, so you can see a 360-degree photo of the statue and still watch the actual restoration work. It’s hard to describe, so just check out our photo gallery to get the full effect. You’ll see that a statue of Czech language pioneer Josef Jungmann is getting a Skoda-backed facelift as well.

—Posted by David Griner