A few of Barack Obama’s favorite things


If Barack Obama wins the election this fall, some consumer brands can bask in the glory of being presidential favorites. A piece this week in The New York Times offered a list of Obama’s “likes and dislikes.” Though no brand names appeared on the dislikes list (just generic items like mayonnaise and asparagus), the likes roster included Planters Trail Mix: Nuts, Seeds & Raisins, Dentyne Ice, Nicorette, MET-Rx chocolate roasted peanut protein bars, and “handmade milk chocolates from Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle.” A larger article, to which the likes-and-dislikes list was a brief sidebar, mentioned Black Forest Berry Honest Tea as another Obama favorite. On the whole, the faves list skews a bit more upscale than seems ideal for a candidate who’s trying to strengthen his appeal to blue-collar voters, so Obama may wish to keep some of these preferences under wraps until after Election Day.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver