Fans to vampire show: don’t pull up stakes!

When I read that some fans of a certain TV series are actually willing to sacrifice their own blood to get the show back on the air, I had to speak out. It’s not worth it! Sure, it’s a nice idea to team with the Red Cross for a blood drive to attract the network’s attention, but these kinds of stunts never work. Hundreds of fans whittled their ears into sharp points back in ’69, and Star Trek still died. And the ill-conceived “Call 911 to save Rescue 911” campaign rightfully failed. Look, Moonlighting has been gone nearly 20 years. It just wouldn’t be the same. Bruce Willis is bald now. Cybill Shepherd may be too. … What? Oh. I’m told the show in question is something called Moonlight on CBS. It’s about sexy young vampires (also in my utopian vision; do they have a social network yet?). Was Buffy in Moonlight? She was hot.

—Posted by David Gianatasio