As expected, ‘The Winner’ is mostly a loser

Winner_1 Yes, The Winner sucks. Sunday night was the premiere, and I really did try to watch with an open mind, just in case my previous assessment of the show was a tad gloomy. But no, it was pretty much what I expected: 25 minutes of stale sitcom fare, complete with the obligatory ’80s television reference (“if I want to be alone with your mother, I’ll hum the theme from Growing Pains”), because God knows we can’t go a half hour without being reminded that Seth McFarlane is in his 30s. However, and despite its best attempts to have no redeeming features whatsoever, The Winner does raise an interesting question: Where was the rest of Lenny Clarke? Christ, he looked like this at Denis Leary’s roast, and that wasn’t long ago. Hope he’s not manorexic.

—Posted by David Kiefaber