Exclusive Q&A with Wal-Mart’s Smiley Face

Wal-Mart’s new ad campaign from The Martin Agency ditches the “Always low prices” tagline for “Save money. Live better,” and dispenses with the chain’s iconic Smiley Face logo. AdFreak caught up with Smiles for this exclusive interview.
  Smiley Face: I’m sorry, I can’t answer any questions about Julie Roehm.
  AdFreak: Understood.
  Smiley Face: We worked together for a while. But that’s all.
  AdFreak: Duly noted. Now, about the campaign …
  Smiley Face: My lawyers have advised me not to say anything. About Julie. I hope that’s OK.
  AdFreak: Sure, it’s fine. Can we talk about the campaign?
  Smiley Face: What campaign?
  AdFreak: The Wal-Mart campaign that broke this week.
  Smiley Face: I think I’d know if Wal-Mart had new ads out.
  AdFreak: They do. You’re not in them.
  Smiley Face: Excuse me?
  AdFreak: The company is trying to boost its fortunes after same-store sales rose at their slowest pace ever last year.
  Smiley Face: You’re joking.
  AdFreak: I’m not.
  Smiley Face: B-b-but … I AM Wal-Mart’s advertising! They said I would be always …
  AdFreak: They changed the tagline, too.
  Smiley Face: What am I supposed to do for work? Those emoticon gigs don’t pay squat!
  AdFreak: Maybe you could be … a store greeter.
  Smiley Face: Oh god! This is not happening! Look, turn off that tape recorder for a second. What did you want to know about Julie Roehm?

—Posted by David Gianatasio