Ex-Deutsch guy’s book is not about Donny

Pants_2 Given his former employer’s taste in bathing wear, it’s amusing that ex-Deutsch group creative director David Rosen has titled his first book I Just Want My Pants Back. But it’s just a coincidence. Rosen’s book is a novel, none of which takes place inside 111 Eighth Avenue. According to Rosen’s press materials, it’s about a young guy who works as a receptionist at a casting agency, and who lends his pants to a girl the morning after some “athletic appliance-assisted sex.” The pursuit of the pants becomes a journey, on which “the twin concepts of maturity and mortality … enter his slacker’s existence.” Kind of like in a VW ad. Rosen directed a video trailer, which is posted on the book’s Web site (linked above) and on YouTube. “I had a digital camera and a dream. And a friend who is a great editor,” says Rosen. The book hit stores Aug. 7 and is available for pre-order at Amazon.

—Posted by Tim Nudd