Enough on the ‘GTA’ sex scandal

Grandtheftauto1I’m really tired of hearing about this stupid Grand Theft Auto sex scandal. First off, “Hot Coffee,” the modification that unlocks some kind of sex mini-game, has to be downloaded and isn’t accessible to most gamers. In fact, all the reports I’ve read suggest the mod only works on the PC version of the game; PlayStation 2s, to quote gamespot.com, “aren’t very hacker friendly,” and I haven’t heard about any problems with the XBox version. But despite that, Rockstar Games, which makes GTA, would be punished with a new “AO (Adults Only)” rating if it’s determined that it included coding for the mini-game in GTA (as Hot Coffee creator Patrick Wildenborg has claimed), even if it isn’t accessible to most players. The other flaw in the protesters’ argument is that they’re trying to shield children from something they shouldn’t be exposed to in the first place. GTA: San Andreas already has an “M” rating, and Rockstar isn’t shy about promoting all the horrible stuff you can do in-game. No children—who I define as people under 17—should play it. However, when I saw a story about the GTA sex scandal on the news, they were interviewing 10-year-olds who apparently owned the game. Any parent stupid enough to let a kid that young have a game that openly brags about letting players beat up hookers doesn’t deserve to complain about offensive content. They should be made to sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done.

—Posted by David Kiefaber