Enjoy the ride with the voice of Gary Busey

With the magic of GPS technology wearing off, TomTom, a maker of car-navigation systems, is offering a little something extra: Gary Busey. For just $12.95, TomTom users can hear Busey speaking the directions, rather than a computer voice. Plus, hilariously, Busey doesn’t stick to the script. He says things like, “If you create a roadkill, you are required to stop, pick it up, and eat it.” That may be comedic gold, but Busey also has a serious side. Says the TomTom site: “Having recovered from traumatic brain injury after a motorcycle malfunction, Gary knows a thing or two about safe motoring and how to make the most of your journeys.” That is reassuring. Still, if having Gary Busey along for the ride isn’t your cup of tea, TomTom has plenty of other endorsers/directions-givers, including Curt Schilling, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper and Mr. T.

—Posted by Tim Nudd