Enjoy the Beach, Kids, Don’t Mind the Sandcastle of Death

Drowning PSA isn't all fun and games

Ad agency Taxi crafted this unsettling—OK, nightmarish—sand sculpture on Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver to remind people about the dangers of water. "The beach isn't all fun and games," said the sign next to the hellish vision of bug-eyed drowning death. National Drowning Prevention Week in Canada runs through this Sunday. Check out the video below, featuring several freaked-out kids. Credits after the jump. Via Ads of the World.

Client: Lifesaving Society of BC and Yukon
Agency: Taxi, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Kevin Barclay
Art Director: Darcy Twarog
Copywriter: David Giovando
Photographer: Dan Barham
Editor: Chad Jones
Account Manager: Brett Willis
Account Director: Ben Tarr
Production Manager: Leah Fladgate
Sculptor: David Billings