Endangered animals sure have plenty to say


Swiss ecology group Biovision and Zurich ad agency Walker have put together some strange videos (one below, two more after the jump) showing oddball endangered animals talking like people—to emphasize the connection between all forms of life (I guess). The high-strung Aye-aye lemur discusses quantum physics so intensely, it looks like its head will explode into another dimension. A blobfish blathers on about philosophy. "Blobfish" is my nickname at AdFreak. Hey, you get a bit doughy sitting on your ass writing all day, OK? The blobfish drones on a little long. Maybe they should have him sing like the Geico octopus (also posted after the jump). "Zoo ba doo ba doo ba doo …" Well, maybe not. That's annoying. Break out the tartar sauce! Via Creative Review.


Geico's octopus commercial: