Eight years later, another Ellen Feiss parody

Ellen Feiss was 14 when she did her Apple "Switchers" ad in 2002. Now, she's a college graduate. But her famous spot—in which she laconically (a bit too laconically, some said) mourned the loss of an essay eaten by a PC—still reverberates with the tech crowd. Like the people at Bantam Networks, which have just rolled out the spoof above. Feiss herself has not been heard from publicly since this 2007 interview, in which she spoke of the creepiness of fame. "I was famous but not that famous," she said. "It's not like I had to get a bodyguard, but my parents stopped letting me go out alone for a while. … Plus, a lot of my fame seemed to me to be based on the fact that I seemed to be a vulnerable (stoned) young girl. That is never who I was or am. I don't want that kind of gendered fame, and I was never proud of the fact that a bunch of dudes on the Internet thought I was hot or ugly or stoned or stupid or any of the other things people talked about. That being said, a lot of my fans have turned out to be nice, intelligent, Mac-using people. Mostly men, but a few women, too." Ellen's old spot is posted below. Via Adrants.