Effen vodka thinks its name’s effing comical


Effen Vodka has had some fun with its name in the past, like a print ad for its black-cherry flavor that used the label to spell out the headline, "Effen in the dark." A new campaign from Euro RSCG attempts to spice up the double entendre. Check out three ads here. In one, a flight attendant is pictured in a gleaming white cabin, holding a martini glass in one hand and a bottle of the vodka, alongside the quote, "There's nothing more satisfying than Effen on a plane." In another, a skier shares, "Nothing warms me up like Effen by the fire." The series is titled "Provocatively Premium." The ads feel a bit more sterile than sexy, though, and don't do much to refresh the well-trodden path of liquor and libido.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis