‘Economist’ delivers pizza as its second job

Economistcheese copy

Ads for The Economist are always refreshingly high-brow, even when I feel like I'm too plebeian to understand some of them. Now, the magazine is courting college-age readers who have a healthy intellectual appetite and an unhealthy diet. BBDO New York created a series of Economist-branded pizza boxes, which were then supplied to more than 20 pizzerias in the Philadelphia area. The boxes cover such topics as "Arable and permanent crop land by country" and "Mushroom exports to U.S." (Thanks for all the 'shrooms, Canada!) There were some Twister-based promotions, too, but it's going to take something a lot stronger than Canadian mushrooms to get me tangling appendages on the floor of a train station. So, will all this creativity actually spark younger readers to embrace something that seems sterile and nerdy? I mean, it's been tried before. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Griner